Catchment Connections was established in 2017 to fill a gap that exists between geomorphology and floodplain management sectors. At that time, the east coast of Australia had just experienced two of the largest floods on record which had enormous impacts. Understandably, most people’s focus was on the water- the amount or speed of the flood waters. However, as geomorphologists, we understand that it is catchment geomorphology (the shape and nature of the land), that controls the passage of flood waters through our towns and floodplains. We feel strongly that a lack of effective solutions to today’s flood risks is a function of disconnections between:

  • the river and its floodplain;
  • the land and its people;
  • scientific disciplines like engineering and geomorphology;
  • neighbouring councils and governments.

We want to promote the idea that by getting more connected at all of these levels- we can better tackle these issues as we move forward. This is a central aim in what we do here at Catchment Connections. Our additional aim is to communicate findings in more easily digestible formats, ensuring our approach matches the needs of our clients. We are using innovative communication tools like conceptual drawings, storytelling, infographics and videoing to ensure key messages are easily adopted by managers and decision-makers.